Posted in September 2013

Was This Whistle-Blower Muzzled?

Statement by Phil Angelides  Chairman of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (2009-2011)  Re: “Was This Whistle-Blower Muzzled?” On Sunday, September 22, The New York Times printed “Was This Whistle-Blower Muzzled?”, an article by William Cohan alleging that the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC) caved in to pressure from Citigroup and suppressed allegations about Citigroup’s misconduct … Continue reading

BNN | Looking Back and Beyond the Financial Crisis with Phil Angelides

September 19, 2013 — Howard Green of Business News Network’s Headline interviews Phil Angelides on the 5th anniversary of the financial crisis. During the segments, Mr. Angelides lays out critical must do’s to prevent another crisis and to remake our financial system and economy to serve all Americans, not just powerful. Segment 1 | Segment 2 | Segment 3

KPCC | Phil Angelides looks back at the economic collapse of 2008

September 12, 2013 — Alex Cohen of Take Two on KPCC interviews Phil Angelides, who headed the government’s Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission. He was the man charged with investigating the cause of that ensuing financial crisis. He joins the show to talk about the fifth anniversary of the financial crisis and how we got to where … Continue reading

SACRAMENTO BEE | Angelides Endorses Yellen for Federal Reserve Chair

September 10, 2013 — Dale Kalser of the Sacramento Bee reports: Former State Treasurer Phil Angelides, the Sacramentan who led the official government inquiry into the 2008 financial market crash, on Monday endorsed fellow Californian Janet Yellen to become the next chair of the Federal Reserve Board. Angelides, a Sacramento developer and one-time Democratic nominee for … Continue reading