HUFFINGTON POST: Last Chance for Justice

As posted on the Huffington Post – Last Chance for Justice: Five years ago at this time, the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC) presented the President and Congress with its final report on what caused the 2008 financial meltdown that devastated our economy and millions of American families. The report concluded that the financial crisis … Continue reading

5th Anniversary of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission’s Report

5th Anniversary of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission’s Report

The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission’s Final Report: Five years ago this week, the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC), which conducted the nation’s official inquiry into the causes of the financial and economic crisis of 2008, made public the results of its investigation. On January 27, 2011, the FCIC presented its final report to the President … Continue reading

THE NEW YORK TIMES | Cause of the Financial Crisis

To the Editor: There is a reason that Peter Wallison’s “passion” to rewrite the history of the 2008 financial crisis is a “lonely quest” (“A Crusader Against the Common View of the Financial Crisis,” by William D. Cohan, Street Scene column,, March 12). The evidence presented by the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission contradicts his … Continue reading

THE NATIONAL HERALD | Angelides: Beware of Nazism in Greece

THE NATIONAL HERALD | Angelides: Beware of Nazism in Greece

THE NATIONAL HERALD Angelides: Beware of Nazism in Greece Ex-CA Treasurer Raising Awareness About Golden Dawn By Constantinos E. Scaros SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The words “Golden Dawn” do not mean nearly as much to Greeks in the United States as they do to their counterparts who live in Greece, but one prominent Greek-American in … Continue reading

Comstock’s Magazine: Where is Phil Angelides Now

Where is Phil Angelides Now Comstock’s Magazine July 2014 It’s been an eventful 25 years for this developer Click here to read the full article! THEN: The year was 1989. Comstock’s was in its infancy. Hometown boy Phil Angelides was featured in November, standing in the center of the historic Southern Pacific railroad station. Angelides … Continue reading

Neo-Nazism in Modern Europe

Recently, the World Jewish Congress produced a deeply troubling report about the rise of Neo-Nazism in Europe. The report ” Neo-Nazism in Modern Europe” was issued in April 2014 and is must reading for all concerned about democracy, freedom, and human rights. Here is the link: In Greece, the Neo-Nazi movement is embodied in the … Continue reading

Prominent Greek-Americans denounce Golden Dawn

World Jewish Congress NEW YORK – Prominent Greek-Americans are speaking out against Golden Dawn, a Greek neo-Nazi party that aims to spread its venom by winning representation in the European parliamentary elections later this month. The leaders responded to a call by the World Jewish Congress (WJC) which recently published an updated report on ‘Neo-Nazism … Continue reading